Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams and Serenade

Lovett Enterprises and Gotta Lovett Promotions

are extremely proud to announce the introduction of our newest endeavor…

Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams & Serenade!

Colorado Springs newest interactive personal greetings, creating memories that will last a lifetime!


Western Union public relations director George P. Oslin is credited with thinking of, and sending, the first singing telegram. Ironically, it was during the Great Depression in July 1933 that Oslin talked Lucille Lipps into singing Happy Birthday to Rudy Vallee.


Celebrations Singing Telegrams are a hilarious way to send a message that is a lot more interactive and personal than sending an email, text or greeting card. Our professional talent will be happy to sing, dance, or act out your message to the recipient. They’ll even dress up to do it, in anything from a tuxedo and top hat to a guerrilla suit, creating your own personal Greeting Memory™!


Celebrations Singing Telegrams spread cheer by bringing laughs into the workplace, home, public engagement or party. You can hire ‘Marilyn Monroe’ to sing Happy Birthday to your boss, or ‘Elvis’ to sing All Shook Up to your wife on your 10th anniversary! Let her know you still find her sexy in a creative and funny way! Is a friend feeling a little down after a break up? Invite her to coffee at your favorite java hut at a prearranged time. Imagine her reaction when someone walks in, stops, take a second look at her, and breaks into song!

Celebrations Singing Telegrams can be a howl, especially when personalized. You can write the words yourself, usually by changing the lyrics to a well-known song. Want to congratulate someone who already thinks he’s one bad dude for a promotion? Have “Weird Al” lyrics you have penned about just how cool this guy is. Singing telegrams make everyone laugh at themselves and with each other. After all, no one seems as ridiculous as the person doing the singing!


Depending on the service, Celebrations Singing Telegrams might be delivered a cappella, with a musical instrument or a portable device for accompaniment. Every service has its own staff and options. If you don’t see it , we can be it. Many services also offer balloons, flowers, or other gifts – for an additional fee.



RayRay Lovett, President

Email: greetingmemory@yahoo.com

Cell: (719) 225-4732

Follow Ray on Twitter and Facebook



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All The Old School Car Show Applications Are Ready!

Great news! All the applications of the 4th annual Old School Car Show are ready in either a PDF format or Goggle Docs!

Vehicle Application (PDF File) 

Vehicle Application (Goggle Docs) 

Vendors Application (PDF File) 

Vendors Application (Goggle Docs) 

Sponsor Application (PDF File) 

Sponsor Application (Goggle Docs) 

With the application finished and a bit more advertising especially during the last 30 days leading up to August 3rd and 4th the Old School Car Show will be a huge success!

Plus all contributions are tax deductible because proceeds from the Old School Car Show are going to help Reverend Al Loma’s efforts with the new sober living facility called, The Right Step!

The Right Step is a non-profit collaborative effort consisting of different organizations whose missions are similar in outcomes, and their similarities create a synergy that enables all involved to expand and strengthen their respective agencies.

Please like the Right Step on Facebook!

Thank you,





Ray Lovett, President

Gotta Lovett Promotions 
2818 N Nevada Ave., Suite 10
Colorado Springs, CO. 80907
Phone: (719) 323-3961
Email: raylovett3@gmail.com   


PS: Check out all the humble and enthusiastic ladies that are members of this year’s group called the Women’s Community Leadership Initiative (WCLI) 

WCLI is a program taught at the Leadership Pikes Peak at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. WCLI teaches modest women to learn about their community, teaches them skills to successfully collaborate in a group, and presents various seminars teaching skills important in the career world. WCLI is a 6 month group that is divided into two 12 person groups that each choose a community project to complete until the WCLI graduation in June 2012.

This year the WCLI project is their proposal for our new Right Step sober living facility  The Right Step is the sole reason for the Old School Car Show! 


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Old School Car Show – Safe for the Whole Family!

Gotta Lovett Promotions is proud to announce the 4th annual Old School Car Show hosted by Victory Outreach of Colorado Springs 

For 2012 the Old School Car Show will be at the newly remodeled Colorado Springs Event Center Friday and Saturday, August 3rd and 4th.

And this year the Old School Car Show will be a triple header – 3 awesome attractions under 1 roof! 

First, a live performance of an action packed drama from Victory Outreach South Sacramento in California called, Hypnotize.  Please check out Hypnotize on Facebook

Second, a live concert with the best up and coming artists and bands from across the USA.

And third, a 2 day indoor/outdoor, prize-winning car show with over 300 custom vehicles with 5 trophy winning categories: American Hot Rods, Foreign Street Racers, Trucks, Low Riders, and Motorcycles. 

Please like the Old School Car Show on Facebook

A portion of the proceeds from the Old School Car Show will go to the new Christian Recovery Home .

Please give to the “Home” as your heart leads and please like the Christian Recovery Home on Facebook

Please friend Reverend Al Loma and Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs on Facebook 

All unsigned and independent artists and bands are welcome to perform at the concert during the Old School Car Show. They must own the material they perform on stage and possess their own web site, Facebook.com, Myspace.com, ReverbNation.com or another form of professional electronic press kit. Deadline for press kits is July 1st, 2012.

 Please note all sponsors and vendors are welcome. Application deadline is July 15th, 2012.

Plus special hotel accommodations will be at the Crowne Plaza Colorado  Springs  including the huge social gathering the last night of the event, August 4th for the meet and greet of the cast of the drama, Hypnotize, all the different artists and bands that performed during the concert, all the vehicle owners, and the who’s who and invited dignitaries of Colorado Springs! 

Check out the Crowne Plaza Colorado Springs on Facebook and Twitter 

For questions about the drama, Hypnotize, performing at the concert, the Old School Car Show, media inquiries, and sponsorship and vendor opportunities please contact Reverend Al Loma or Ray Lovett, Founder of Gotta Lovett Promotions. 

Please add Gotta Lovett Promotions on Facebook,  Twitter, Myspace,  Youtube,  Linkedin,  and about 80 different social sites at Google+ 

Gotta Lovett Promotions
2818 N Nevada Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO. 80907
Phone: (719) 323-3961
 Email: raylovett3@gmail.com


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Old School Car Show – TBA SOON!

Victory Outreach of Colorado Springs and  

Treasures Out of Darkness Productions is proud to announce for 2012 the up coming 4th annual Old School Car Show


No matter what your style of vehicle, the Old School Car Show in Colorado Springs, Colorado is the cultural heart of Americana and perfect for all sponsorship and vendor opportunities!

The Old School Car Show continues the local tradition of ushering in a summer of excitement!

 For questions and sponsorship or vendor opportunities at the Old School Car Show contact Ray Lovett at phone (719) 323-3961 or email: raylovett3@gmail.com

Participation in  the Old School Car Show  is open to 5 categories: American Hot Rods, Foreign Street Racers, Trucks, Low Riders, and Motorcycles.

There will be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category.

The venue, dates, application and entry fees will be announced soon! 







Plus we are proud to announce the Crowne Plaza Colorado Springs is the host hotel for the Old School Car Show!


What to be part of the Old School Car Show Team? We are inviting a few more volunteers to help professionally judge and coordinate the event!

Kids ages 16 and younger are welcome with parents permission and accompaniment, especially all Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts! 

Please tell all your all friends about the Old School Car Show in Colorado Springs next summer 2012!

Thank you,

Reverend Al Loma

Victory Outreach Colorado Springs





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The New Christian Recovery Home

I am glad to report beginning last Thursday, 10/27/2011, the men have started to move into the new Victory Outreach Christian Recovery Home!


The new address is at 2818 North Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80907. Across the street from the recently remodeled Johnny’s Navajo Hogan.


The property used to be the historic Gables Hotel and has 18 suites, each with compact kitchens.

As the architects, contractors and Reverend Al Loma decide on the final renovation plans for the property we will be offering your business sponsorship and marketing opportunities involving significant advertizing on Nevada Avenue and both local and Statewide recognition to the business owners that become part of the vision.

The future of the new Christian Recovery Home will involve removing some of the interior walls and remodel the entire property to be more compatible for a Christian campus environment with larger living, study, meeting and dining areas. Also we plan to include a larger kitchen and laundry facility.

We are also building a large 40ft x 60ft pre-fab steel building in the middle of the property to be used as a chapel and praise and worship center.

There are many ways your business can sponsor the new Christian Recovery Home. One method is to fund any of the small projects. Another approach is to support the complete remodeling of one of the rooms or spaces. Whichever level of sponsorship you chose your business will enjoy the benefits of being part of the vision.

Through minimal sponsorship your business will receive a beautifully engraved plaque honoring your business and contribution to the Christian Recovery Home and another professional plaque giving acknowledgement to your business hung in a place of tribute at the Christian Recovery Home.

Bigger contributions will receive a sign or banner with your businesses logo/brand strategically placed facing North and South bound traffic on Nevada Avenue

This marketing will enhance optimal advertizing for your business on Nevada Avenue during the remodeling phase announcing your business as a proud sponsor of the Christian Recovery Home.

The highest sponsorship level involves complete remodeling of a particular area. At the maximum funding stage your business will receive all of the above and the space you chose will be professionally decorated in your businesses colors scheme with your logo or brand placed noticeably within “your” room. And for that space to be officially called the name of your business, ie: the Home Depot Room.

Finally because of your business commitment to Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs and the new Christian Recovery Home, you, your family, all your friends, and all your employees will be invited to the Statewide ribbon cutting service involving all the other sponsors and the who’s who of Colorado to be held upon completion of all construction.

If you have a family member or friend with a drug or alcohol addiction call Victory Outreach Colorado Springs at (719) 477-0000.

For more information about these and many other sponsorship opportunities, including combination sponsorship at the up coming benefit concert at the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show, please contact me or Reverend Al Loma, Senior Pastor, Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs.

Please tell a friend!


Ray Lovett

Administrator, Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs




Founder and President, Gotta Lovett Promotions

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Welcome to the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show!

Gotta Lovett Promotions is proud to announce the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show!

For 2011, the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show will be at Springs Spree, at Memorial Park, in Colorado Springs, CO, June 18th and 19th, 2011 – next Father’s Day weekend!

Gotta Lovett Promotions is a family owned proprietorship in business since 1997 and serving the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado with a specialized network of professionals throughout the Mid-West, specializing in motorsports shows and live concerts.

Springs Spree is Colorado Springs’ oldest community celebration. Over the past 34 years, this celebration has been the region’s most anticipated events of the year with up to 70,000 people in attendance, enjoying 2 days of Music, Food and Free Family Fun for Everyone. Springs Spree 2011 continues the local tradition of ushering in a summer of excitement.

Participation in the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show is open to all United States and foreign built vehicles, 1937 and newer, including hot rods, customs, classics, muscle cars, trucks and vans. And all makes and models of motorcycles both foreign and domestic including street and dirt bikes, plus all makes of ATV’s, including snowmobiles, and watercraft, including small boats and jet skis – all motorsports.


The Colorado Custom Motorsports Show is not your typical “Cruise-In” type of event. Space is limited to the best motorsports across the nation. Pre-registration is highly suggested!

There are eight categories being judged: Display, Outstanding, Best, Sweepstakes, Memorial, Excellence, Springs Spree and Most Beautiful. And there are 59 different awards consisting of trophies, national public media attention, and sponsors prizes, plus over $2,000 in cash!

For sponsorship and marketing opportunities including vendor booths at Springs Spree go to the Springs Spree web site – tell them, Ray sent you!

Check out the Facebook pages for the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show, Springs Spree and Gotta Lovett Promotions.


Check out the new Youtube video for the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show thanks to Scott “Deuce” Wallace at MetalHeadRadio.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.


And follow us on Twitter!





For more information about Springs Spree, the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show, Gotta Lovett Promotions and MetalHeadRadio.com check out our Google profile.

For question or comments about Springs Spree chick HERE.

For vehicle entry fee information for the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show click HERE – the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show and Springs Spree is free to the public!

Please tell all your all friends about the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show at Springs Spree 2011 – next Father’s Day weekend!

Thank you,

Ray Lovett, President

Gotta Lovett Promotions

306 N. Cascade Ave, Suite 6
Colorado Springs, CO. 80903
Office: (719) 473-1466
Email: raylovett3@gmail.com
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New promotional video for the Springs Spree Custom Motorsports Show thanks to Deuce at MetalHeadRadio.com

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