ALLE JUGEND-KÜNSTLER–NEUES HAUPTSÄCHLICHUPDATE: Die JUGEND-FESTIVAL Einladung 2010 erlischt um die Welt zu allen hergestellten Musikern, jedes mögliches Genre und ALLE KÜNSTLER, einschließlich Maler, Dichter und andere künstlerisch begabte Jugend zwischen das Alter von 8 und von 21. Dieses ist weltweite folgende Sommer mit 3 der stützende Jugend-Nächstenliebe des Tageskonzerts. Und verbinden Sie den neuen Fanclub DES JUGEND-FESTIVALS 2010: kann Sie sagen, „WOODSTOCK“? Dose des Jugend-Festivals 2010! (-: mehr Info und Förderung:

About Ray Lovett

Ray Lovett is the founder of Lovett Enterprises, a dedicated independent marketing representative with 5LINX® and the founder of Gotta Lovett Promotions. Lovett Enterprises is a diversified marketing and promotional platform specializing in social media. 5LINX® is a rapidly growing telecommunications company that provides services across the United States and in 20 countries abroad. The company distributes its products and services through a network of dedicated independent marketing representatives. Our representatives provide our customers with the latest in telecommunications products and services such as; cellular phones and plans from all major U.S. carriers, internet and TV service from the industry’s top providers, and the company’s own GLOBALINX® VoIP services. Gotta Lovett Promotions is a family owned proprietorship in business since 1997 and serving the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado with a specialized network of professionals throughout the Mid-West, specializing in motor-sports shows, live concerts and special events. Lovett Enterprises is also proud of our philanthropic endeavors to support wonderful social and not-for-profit activities through Victory Outreach Colorado Springs, the Christian Recovery Home and the Right Step Sober Living Home.
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