All The Old School Car Show Applications Are Ready!

Great news! All the applications of the 4th annual Old School Car Show are ready in either a PDF format or Goggle Docs!

Vehicle Application (PDF File) 

Vehicle Application (Goggle Docs) 

Vendors Application (PDF File) 

Vendors Application (Goggle Docs) 

Sponsor Application (PDF File) 

Sponsor Application (Goggle Docs) 

With the application finished and a bit more advertising especially during the last 30 days leading up to August 3rd and 4th the Old School Car Show will be a huge success!

Plus all contributions are tax deductible because proceeds from the Old School Car Show are going to help Reverend Al Loma’s efforts with the new sober living facility called, The Right Step!

The Right Step is a non-profit collaborative effort consisting of different organizations whose missions are similar in outcomes, and their similarities create a synergy that enables all involved to expand and strengthen their respective agencies.

Please like the Right Step on Facebook!

Thank you,





Ray Lovett, President

Gotta Lovett Promotions 
2818 N Nevada Ave., Suite 10
Colorado Springs, CO. 80907
Phone: (719) 323-3961


PS: Check out all the humble and enthusiastic ladies that are members of this year’s group called the Women’s Community Leadership Initiative (WCLI) 

WCLI is a program taught at the Leadership Pikes Peak at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. WCLI teaches modest women to learn about their community, teaches them skills to successfully collaborate in a group, and presents various seminars teaching skills important in the career world. WCLI is a 6 month group that is divided into two 12 person groups that each choose a community project to complete until the WCLI graduation in June 2012.

This year the WCLI project is their proposal for our new Right Step sober living facility  The Right Step is the sole reason for the Old School Car Show! 



About Ray Lovett

Ray Lovett is the founder of Lovett Enterprises, a dedicated independent marketing representative with 5LINX® and the founder of Gotta Lovett Promotions. Lovett Enterprises is a diversified marketing and promotional platform specializing in social media. 5LINX® is a rapidly growing telecommunications company that provides services across the United States and in 20 countries abroad. The company distributes its products and services through a network of dedicated independent marketing representatives. Our representatives provide our customers with the latest in telecommunications products and services such as; cellular phones and plans from all major U.S. carriers, internet and TV service from the industry’s top providers, and the company’s own GLOBALINX® VoIP services. Gotta Lovett Promotions is a family owned proprietorship in business since 1997 and serving the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado with a specialized network of professionals throughout the Mid-West, specializing in motor-sports shows, live concerts and special events. Lovett Enterprises is also proud of our philanthropic endeavors to support wonderful social and not-for-profit activities through Victory Outreach Colorado Springs, the Christian Recovery Home and the Right Step Sober Living Home.
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