Old School Car Show

Gotta Lovett Promotions is proud to announce the 4th annual Old School Car Show hosted by Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs 

For 2012 the Old School Car Show will be at the newly remodeled Colorado Springs Event Center Friday and Saturday, August 3rd and 4th.

And this year the Old School Car Show will be a triple header – 3 awesome attractions under 1 roof!

First, a live performance of an action packed drama from Victory Outreach South Sacramento in California called, Hypnotize. Please check out Hypnotize on Facebook.

Second, a live concert with the best up and coming artists and bands from across the USA!

And third, a 2 day indoor/outdoor, prize-winning car show with over 300 custom vehicles with 5 trophy winning categories: American Hot Rods, Foreign Street Racers, Trucks, Low Riders, and Motorcycles.

Please like the Old School Car Show on Facebook

And check out the different sponsorship opportunities, marketing potential and large booth spaces both inside and outside of the Colorado Springs Event Center to show off your vehicle and sell your merchandise and food at your own tailor-made personalized vendor’s booths thanks to the professionals at AAa Rental Center

With the following vehicle application, vendor’s application and sponsor application the 4th annual Old School Car Show will be a success!

Plus all contributions are tax-deductible because proceeds from the Old School Car Show are going to help Reverend Al Loma’s efforts with the new sober living facility called, The Right Step  

The Right Step is a non-profit collaborative effort consisting of different Christian organizations whose missions are similar in outcomes, and their similarities create a synergy that enables all involved to expand and strengthen their respective agencies in a Christian environment.

Please like the Right Step on Facebook

Please friend Reverend Al Loma and Victory Outreach Church of Colorado Springs on Facebook 

All unsigned and independent artists and bands are welcome to perform at the concert during the Old School Car Show. They must own the material they perform on stage and possess their own web site, Facebook.com, Myspace.com, ReverbNation.com or another form of professional electronic press kit. Deadline for press kits is July 20th, 2012.

The Old School Car Show vehicle application, vendor’s application and sponsorship application are ready and you are personally invited to be a part of the excitement!

In fact, we are still looking for a special branded sponsor whose business is respected in Colorado Springs and a reflection of the active life style of Colorado. Application deadline is July 20th

Plus special hotel accommodations will be at the CrownePlaza Colorado Springs including the huge social gathering the last night of the event,August 4th for the meet and greet of the cast of the drama, Hypnotize, all the different artists and bands that performed during the concert, all the vehicle owners, and the who’s who and invited dignitaries of Colorado Springs!

Check out the Crowne Plaza Colorado Springs on Facebook and Twitter

 For questions about the drama, Hypnotize, performing at the concert, the Old School Car Show, media inquiries, and sponsorship and vendor opportunities please contact Reverend Al Loma or Gotta Lovett Promotions. 

Vehicle Application (PDF File) https://acrobat.com/#d=*gPIS7p-h3SREAJRofMusw

Vehicle Application (Goggle Docs) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0WKYjlFfG-MWkdaV29rbWNTbXUyWDFqQ0VnZmQyQQ/edit

Sponsor Application (PDF File) https://acrobat.com/#d=*-n0P8n-kATHkaexJ0GLaQ  

Sponsor Application (Goggle Docs) https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BtwzCjrkv12fDXbiz_nApUu2kI1l0ofXJEojenYUomY/edit

Vendors Application (PDF File) https://acrobat.com/#d=mOKQLv04gAt-iNUbUj9Q0A

Vendors Application (Goggle Docs) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0WKYjlFfG-MV2JkTGgwRzlUQk9BS201d2RRbk5nZw/edit

Please add Gotta Lovett Promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, Linkedin, and about 80 different social sites at Google+

See you at the Old School Car Show,

Ray Lovett

Gotta Lovett Promotions

2814 Airport Road, Suite 230
Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Phone: (719) 225-4732
Email: raylovett3@gmail.com
PS: I want to give a sincere “thank you” to all the humble and enthusiastic ladies that are members of this year’s group called the Women’s Community Leadership Initiative (WCLI) 
WCLI is a program taught at the Leadership Pikes Peak at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. WCLI teaches modest women to learn about their community, teaches them skills to successfully collaborate in a group, and presents various seminars teaching skills important in the career world. WCLI is a 6 month group that is divided into two 12 person groups that each choose a community project to complete until the WCLI graduation in June 2012.This year the WCLI project is their proposal for our new Right Step. The Right Step sober living facility is the major motivating factor for the Old School Car Show! 



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