Thanks to the care, love and leadership of Chaplin Earl Smith and Steve Pineda, Elder and Senior Pastor, Victory Outreach HaywardGotta Lovett Promotions got started in the 90’s by Ray Lovett at San Quentin State Prison.  

The term,  “gotta Lovett” was initially the humor of John Lovett, younger brother of Ray Lovett. And was used as a play on words within the Lovett family.

Today Gotta Lovett Promotions is a family owned proprietorship in business since 1997 and serving the community of Colorado Springs, Colorado with a specialized network of professionals throughout the Mid-West, specializing in motorsports shows, live concerts and special events. 

To assure your curiosity, our credits and network at Gotta Lovett Promotions include, but are not limited to, “He’s All I NeedSan Quentin Mass Choir. This recording of devotional music was recorded in San Quentin by Mickey Hart, artist and former member of the Grateful Dead. The recording was funded by the Rex Foundation

Prior to being paroled Ray Lovett helped facilitate behind the scenes the recording of the video, St Anger, by Metallica in San Quentin

In 1997, while the assistant director of the Victory Outreach Santa Rosa Men’s Home under the leadership of Pete Sepulveda, Pastor Steve Pineda asked Ray Lovett to help promote the drama, “TRUCE” by Evangelist Nicky Cruz at that time being performed throughout Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Get the book, “Run, Baby, Run“.

And watch the YouTube video, “Run Baby Run” the lifestory of Nicky Cruz, Part 1

And coming soon see the movie, “Thousand Pieces – The Nicky Cruz Story“ 

Nicky’s conversion was depicted in the 1970 film The Cross and the Switchblade starring Erik Estrada as Cruz and Pat Boone as David Wilkerson.

 While in Colorado Springs Pastor Steve asked Ray Lovett to stay in Colorado Springs and help pioneer Victory Outreach of Colorado Springs  with Reverend Al Loma and his wife, Debbie Loma. These two where the most influential upon the life of Ray Lovett and the business, Gotta Lovett Promotions.  

Since that time Gotta Lovett Promotions has promoted numerous action packed anti-drug and anti-gang dramas and live concerts: “Shotgun”, “The Ghetto”, “Cry of the Young” and Little Willie G to name a few. 

During the summer of 2009 Ray Lovett volunteered with the Love Hope Strength Foundation with Lyle Lovett, the Mile High Music Festival,  an AEG Live production, and collaborated with Whisper Fiercely in Denver on “Echofest at Echo Mountain“. 

During 2010 Ray Lovett promoted the Colorado Youth Festival.

For 2011 Ray Lovett helped promote the Colorado Custom Motorsports Show at Springs Spree, at Memorial Park, in Colorado Springs, Father’s day, June 19, 2011. 

In 2012 Gotta Lovett Promotions promoted a benefit concert and drama at the Old School Car Show to support the new Christian Recovery Home and the new Right Step in cooperation with Victory Outreach Colorado Springs.


In 2013, Gotta Lovett Promotions added a new business: Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams and Serenade

lovett                                                                           In 2014, Ray Lovett incorporated everything under LOVETT ENTERPRISES!

For more information about Lovett Enterprises, Gotta Lovett Promotions, Celebrations Custom Singing Telegrams and Serenade, The Old School Car Show, Victory Outreach Colorado Springs, the Right Step and the Christian Recovery Home, contact us via email or call directly. 


MeRay Lovett, President

Lovett Enterprises


Email: raylovettiii@gmail.com

Cell: (719) 225-4732





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